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The Family Journal of

The Brockway's of Eastern Iowa:

Generation 7

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Seventh Generation

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12. EUSTICE LAFAYETTE7 BROCKWAY (James Maine6, Consider5, Nathan4, Richard (II)3, Wolston2, William1)2 was born Brockwayville, PA January 20, 1826. Eustice died December 4, 1901 Brockway, WI, at 75 years of age. His body was interred December, 1901 Black River Falls, WI, Riverside Cemetery. He was referred to by family as "Lafayette".

He married ANNA RIGGS Strawberry Point, IA, October 18, 1849. Anna was born Hamilton Co., OH January 28, 1832. Anna died February 18, 1893 Brockway, WI, at 61 years of age. Her body was interred February, 1893 Black River Falls, WI, Riverside Cemetery.

The following are excerpts of newspaper articles regarding Lafayette Brockway, taken from the Town of Brockway, WI Centennial Book, published in 1990:

1) "When but 19 years of age, in the early spring of 1845, ((Lafayette) found his way to Black River and Jackson County (WI). In the following summer he helped build a mill and make the first clearing on the site now occupied by the city of Neillsville. Then followed a long career as a lumberman during which he built and owned four different saw mills in this vicinity.

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Black River Falls, circa 1880

His most notable enterprise was the large saw mill and connecting business, at the place where he resided up to the time of his death. This mill was taken by him in 1850, when it was enlarged and the first circular saw mill above Rock Island was put in. This business was in the height of it's glory in the sixties and early seventies when he was not only employing a large force of men in one of the best mills on the river, but conducted a store and boarding house and toll bridge across the Black River, over which passed all the travel between Sparta and Eau Claire. While conducting this large business he also operated a steamboat on the Mississippi River from 1866 to 1868 and also built a steamboat, the Chippewa Valley, at Eau Claire, in the winter of 1868-69. With the building of the railroad and the passing of the saw mill and lumber rafting business on the Black River, his business went into decline and he afterwards practically failed. He died a poor man.

In 1871 and 1872, Mr. Brockway was a member of the State Legislature from Jackson and Clark counties, and later served as Jackson Co. Surveyor.

He was also quite a stanch friend to the Winnebago Indians, and a blood brother to Black Hawk, the nephew of the famous Chief Black Hawk of the Indian Wars. In 1874, he removed those of this section to the Nebraska reservation, on contract with the government. (Per writings of Albina Brockway Letts, in order to avoid bloodshed, Lafayette was instrumental in persuading the Winnebago to go to the Nebraska Reservation. The next year Black Hawk returned and told Lafayette about the deplorable conditions on the reservation. Lafayette allowed Black Hawk to live on his property the rest of Black Hawk's life.)

Mr. Brockway was a very powerful man in his younger days and enjoyed the reputation among the old settlers of being the best man physically on the Black River. Many instances are told of feats of strength performed which awed his co-workers and insured him immunity from personal encounters. He was a man of good executive ability and shrewd calculation."

Lafayette Brockway and Ulysses S. Grant

2) "In the days before the Civil War, 'Grant & Dent' were catering to the lumber trade, having a big supply house at Galena, IL and dealing in leather and mill supplies. Mr. Brockway became a fast friend of U.S. Grant. They were both great horsemen and took unusual pride in saddle horses, which in that day were the up-to-date method of transportation on the frontier.

grant-new.jpg (3047 bytes)
Ulysses S. Grant

How strange runs the destiny of man, and to say that circumstances over which the individual has no control do not shape in a great measure the story of the respective lives of his career in life, runs counter to President Grant and E. L. Brockway, the Black River lumberman. The story of Grant is familiar to all who have taken the trouble to read the record of his climb to glory and his fame as a warrior and President. As a businessman at Galena, if we can believe history, Grant was a failure in every sense of the word, while Mr. Brockway, four years his junior, and his bosom friend, a strapping young man six feet four inches in height, weighing 250 pounds, handsome as the mythical Apollo, with a good education and unusual natural ability, made and lost four fortunes. He passed away at his home at what was known as Lower Falls in the early days, located just across the river south of Black River Falls; Grant in the 'Hall of Fame', Brockway the peer, remembered only by his surviving children and a few friends who knew him in the long ago. Brockway might have made a better president than U.S. Grant, had fate called him to the high station. However, his life work was set for him along other lines. The rugged pioneer with others of his type pushed back the frontiers, making this country a living place for coming generations, passed to his reward 'unhonored and unsung', yet who will say that his life was not a success from the standpoint of both human and material progress. Measured by the rule that the world applies to man, E. L. Brockway, our friend of the long ago, was a real man in an age that called for strong and resourceful characters."

-- From the Brockway, WI Centennial Book, 1990

Read an Article about a saddle given by U.S.Grant to Lafayette Brockway


3) "He was appointed recruiting agent by Governor Lewis, under Act of Congress, July 4, 1864, and was on service in Alabama and Georgia." (Taken from "Wis. Legislative Manual official Directory"). - - - - - - -

4) "In the limits of his state and the governmental powers he served, in winter once he went to Atlanta to Gen'l. Sherman, who used him for a time and sent him home in an officer's uniform. During the War he was often called upon to serve the government on some secret service". (Per the writings of Albina Brockway Letts ABT 1928).

Eustice Lafayette Brockway

Eustice Lafayette Brockway and Anna Riggs had the following children:


ii. ADA M. . She married CHARLES J. COOPER in Eau Claire, WI.

iii. MARY E. .

iv. ALBERT J. .


vi. FRED .

vii. JUDSON W. .

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13. ALBERT JUDSON7 BROCKWAY (James Maine6, Consider5, Nathan4, Richard (II)3, Wolston2, William1) was born Brockwayville, Jefferson Co., PA September 18, 1830. Albert died January 6, 1896 Muscatine, IA, at 65 years of age. He married twice. He married MARY E. NICHOLS December 7, 1856. Mary was born 1835. Mary was the daughter of Samuel Nichols and Mary ----. Mary died March 19, 1861 Conesville, Muscatine Co., IA, at 25 years of age. Her body was interred March, 1861 Conesville, IA, Brockway Cemetery. He married ELIZABETH NICHOLS June 4, 1863. Elizabeth was born Iowa May 18, 1841. Elizabeth died March 21, 1911 at 69 years of age. Her body was interred March, 1911 Conesville, IA, Brockway Cemetery. She was a niece of Judson's first wife Mary.

"Mr. Brockway purchased his home farm from the government in 1850; he now owns a little over 700 acres of land, valued at $25 per acre. Member of the Reformed Church; Republican".

Part of the obituary of Albert Judson Brockway as written in the Columbus Junction Safeguard, January 10, 1896: "Another pioneer has fallen. Mr. Brockway was the last of the original settlers of Orono township. He who has gone in and out amongst us for almost fifty-four years has finished his work and gone to his reward. The esteem in which he was held by his fellow men was manifested by the position of trust he held in the community from time to time. He was a member of the Reformed Church and an elder in that society for a number of years, and will be much missed by the minister and brethren in the church of his choice. ----------.

Public spirited to a fault, the development of the country was a subject dear to his heart. He hand was stretched forth for the advancement of every good enterprise and he often forgot his private interests in his zeal for the good of the commonwealth.

Those who loved him were moved to tears by the spontaneous tributes of friends. One who had known him from boyhood said, 'He was a good citizen in the best sense of the word. His influence was always cast on the right side. He was an anti-slavery man and a prohibitionist when it meant opposition, if not persecution, to stand by his principles, but he never wavered in his testimony and support of the right.'

'I have lived beside him for more than twenty years,' said a neighbor owning an adjoining farm, 'and never has the harmony of our friendly intercourse been marred by an unpleasant word or thought. I shall feel his loss most keenly.'

'I have known him for more than fifty years as boy and man,' said another, 'and he has ever been the same true and steadfast friend, the same upright man.'" --------.

Albert Judson Brockway and Mary E. Nichols had the following children:

I. MYRTON W.8 . He resided Chicago, IL.

ii. IDA O. was born Muscatine Co., IA Before 1861. She married ---- NASH .

Albert Judson Brockway and Elizabeth Nichols had the following children:

iii. J. MARION was born Muscatine Co., IA AFT 1863. She married MARION PARMALEE .

iv. VINNIE E. was born Muscatine Co., IA AFT 1863.

v. GRACE A. was born Muscatine Co., IA AFT 1863. She married CHARLES MCCORMICK .

vi. LAURA BELLE was born Muscatine Co., IA AFT 1863. She married GLENN EPPERLEY .

vii. MARK L. was born 1877. Mark died 1930 at 53 years of age. His body was interred 1930 Conesville, IA, Brockway Cemetery.

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14. EDWIN FRANKLIN7 BROCKWAY (James Maine6, Consider5, Nathan4, Richard (II)3,Wolston2, William1) was born Brockwayville, PA April 28, 1834. Edwin died April 20, 1908 Grandview Twp., Louisa Co., IA, at 73 years of age. His body was interred April, 1908 Grandview, Louisa Co., IA, Grandview Cemetery. He was referred to as "Frank".

Rowena_Brockway_2.jpg (11118 bytes)
    Rowena Letts Brockway

He married ROWENA BARBARA LETTS Grandview Twp., Louisa Co., IA ,September 11, 1860. They were married at the home of her father, Nehemiah Letts.   Rowena was born Cedar Point, LaSalle County, IL January 22, 1841. Rowena was the daughter of Nehemiah Madison Letts and Elizabeth Grove. Rowena died September 28, 1912 Grandview Twp., Louisa Co., IA, at 71 years of age. Her body was interred 1912 Grandview, Louisa Co., IA, Grandview Cemetery.

During the Civil War, Frank served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Iowa Union Guard.  I believe that this was part of the "home guard" for the defense of the State and as such he was able to continue his occupation of farming. Read about the creation of "Soldiers Day" at the Iowa State Fair.

He was elected to the fifteenth General Iowa State Assembly from Washington County in 1873.  He has previously served two terms as Washington County Supervisor from Highland Township. In 1875 he became President of the Washington County Fair and served in that capacity for a number of years. The county fair was in serious financial difficulty when he took over, but was debt free and operating in the black when he stepped down. He also served for six years on the State Board of Agriculture (Iowa State Fair) as Vice-President, and later as President. He was President of the Iowa State Fair, and originated Old Soldiers Day at the Fair.

wpe6.jpg (5644 bytes)
The Iowa State Assembly met at the "Old
Brick Capitol" in Des Moines during

Edwin's term. It was destroyed by fire in
1892. The Soldier's and Sailor's
Monument (see Horton Family Journal)
now occupies this site.

"He commenced his agricultural career on a farm which he had entered from the government in Orono township, Muscatine County. This he operated until 1866, when he sold and moved to Washington County, Iowa, where he acquired by purchase from time to time 640 acres of fine land. He operated this until 1902, then sold and came to Louisa County, where he bought 860 acres, which he cultivated until the time of his demise." ("History of Louisa County").

He had also developed a successful nursery for white pine evergreens which he transported from Black River Falls, WI. He was an early and lifelong champion of temperance (vice president of the Iowa Anti-Saloon League in 1903) and a member of the Methodist church.


Iowa Prairie Breaker

This could of been James Maine Brockway or his son E. Frank Brockway Prairie Breaking

in western Muscatine county Iowa. 1842 - 1850

Read about an Iowa Prairie Breaker "A Forgotten Character" by E. Frank Brockway

Frank Brockway and Rowena Letts had the following children:

18 I. ELIZABETH B.8 was born July 25, 1866.

ii. ALICE R. was born Ainsworth, Washington Co., IA March 7, 1871. Alice died 1939 Muscatine, IA, at 68 years of age. Her body was interred 1939 Grandview, IA, Grandview Cemetery. Alice graduated Iowa City, IA, 1901 from the University of Iowa.

19 iii. JAMES MADISON was born January 22, 1879.

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15. EMMETT ADDISS7 BROCKWAY (James Maine6, Consider5, Nathan4, Richard (II)3, Wolston2, William1) was born Brockwayville, Jefferson Co., PA May 11, 1836. Emmett died September 7, 1912 Louisa Co., IA, at 76 years of age.

He married JANE DAVISSON December 29, 1869. Jane was born Illinois April 10, 1850. Jane died September 18, 1923 Denver, CO, at 73 years of age. Her body was interred September, 1923 Conesville, IA, Brockway Cemetery.

Emmett served in the military Aug. 13, 1862 - July 16, 1865.

Emmett enlisted in Company B of the 35th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry: "Mustered in Sept. 18, 1862, at Camp Strong, Muscatine, the regiment's average age was higher than in earlier regiments. The later regiments were also more properly equipped, and, as with the Thirty Fifth, often had officers with previous military experience. Sylvester G. Hill, a native of R.I., who followed the gold rush west from Ohio to California, was named colonel.

vicksburg.gif (45811 bytes)
This photo of the battlefield at Big Black River, Miss was
taken May 17, 1863. The next day, Emmett Brockway's
unit arrived with Sherman's troops

Hill's command first reported to Cairo, IL, moving from there to Columbus. In April, 1863, under General Tuttle, the regiment marched with Sherman, reaching Vicksburg, May 18. The regiment was assigned to picket duty and did not share the heavy losses of other Iowa regiments. It did hold an advanced position at Big Black River against General Johnston.

After the surrender, the Thirty Fifth was at Jackson, and busied itself destroying railroads. In late October, under McPherson, it marched to Brownsville.

In March, 1864, the regiment, under Col. Hill as brigade commander, took part in the Red River expedition, fighting at Pleasant Hill where the seven companies engaged lost 60 men and four officers. In the retreat at Bayou d' Glaize, the Colonel's young son, acting as his orderly, was killed at his side, and the Colonel himself was wounded. In June, the regiment joined the pursuit of General Marmaduke and at the battle of Point Chicot (Old Lake River), Major Johns was killed.

emmett-new.jpg (29157 bytes)

In September, pursuing General Price, the regiment marched into Missouri, and then to Nashville where it's losses, including the gallant Col. Hill, were heavy. For his bravery, Hill was posthumously brevetted brigadier general.

The Thirty Fifth's final action was in the Mobile campaign. It was mustered out at Davenport, August 10, 1865." ("The Undying Procession: Iowa in the Civil War").

b3-emmtomb.jpg (48152 bytes)

Albina Brockway Letts,  about her brother, wrote: "The history of the regiment is his record, as he was never in the hospital or had a furlough for the three years. Col. Keeler, in giving an account of the hardships of the disastrous trip up Red River, once said there were only five men in the 35th Regiment that stacked arms every night, and on that list was the name E. A. Brockway."

Emmett Addiss Brockway and Jane Davisson had the following children:


ii. HELEN .

iii. RHODA . She married ALVIN TANNER .

16. ALBINA MURILLA7 BROCKWAY (James Maine6, Consider5, Nathan4, Richard (II)3, Wolston2, William1) was born Brockwayville, PA August 26, 1838. Albina died December 31, 1929 Clarendon, Texas, at 91 years of age. Her body was interred January, 1930 Letts, Iowa, Letts Cemetery.

She married JAMES ROBINSON LETTS March 3, 1859. James was born Licking Co., Ohio December 30, 1820. James was the son of David Letts and Elizabeth Lair. He married HANNAH HILTON LaSalle Co., IL, May 11, 1841. James died December 18, 1910 Grandview Twp., Louisa Co., IA, at 89 years of age. His body was interred December, 1910 Letts, IA, Lettsville Cemetery. She and her husband lived on the same farm near Letts, IA for 52 years and raised eight children.

A tribute to Albina Brockway was published in the Clarendon News (Texas) following her death at age 91. To read this obituary, which gives an account of Albina's life, click here.

Albina Murilla Brockway and James Robinson Letts had the following children:

I. CHESTER HILTON8 was born Letts, Louisa Co., IA November 9, 1851. Chester died 1898 Needles, CA, at 46 years of age.

20 ii. CORA ESTELLA was born March 1, 1860.

iii. ALICE GRACE was born Letts, Louisa Co., IA March 15, 1863. Alice died May 3, 1863 at less than one year of age. Her body was interred Grandview, IA, Grandview Cemetery.

iv. ELLA ELIZABETH was born Letts, Louisa Co., IA March 27, 1864. Ella died January 11, 1953 at 88 years of age. She married FRANK E. MCCRARY May 12, 1886. Frank died Clarendon, Texas.

21 v. JAMES DWIGHT was born February 9, 1866.

22 vi. EMERY CLINTON was born December 30, 1867.

23 vii. ARTHUR ROBINSON was born March 23, 1869.

24 viii. FAY ROYDON was born March 1, 1874.

25 ix. FRANK BROCKWAY was born May 11, 1877.

w-George Brockway.jpg (5802 bytes)

17. GEORGE ALVIN7 BROCKWAY (James Maine6, Consider5, Nathan4, Richard (II)3, Wolston2, William1) was born Brockwayville, PA February 14, 1841. George died February 2, 1907 Des Moines. IA, at 65 years of age. His body was interred February, 1907 Conesville, Muscatine Co., IA.

He married ISADORE C. BROBST Iowa, January 1, 1867. Isadore was born Columbia, PA February 28, 1847. Isadore died March 1, 1922 at 75 years of age. Her body was interred March 1922 Conesville, IA, Brockway Cemetery.

George was a farmer. He served in the military 1863 to 1865 in the 35th Iowa Volunteer Infantry, along with his brother Emmett. Battles of Tupelo, Old R. Lk., forced march after Price's Cavalry, etc.

Per the writing of Albina Brockway Letts about George: "George A. Brockway enlisted later in the regiment and company, and fell ill and was sent home the winter before the war closed very sick. He almost lost his life and was always an invalid. When he died in Des Moines Feb. 2nd, 1907 Chaplain Frank Evans of the 35th Reg., assisted by the East Side Methodist minister, conducted the funeral services, and paid a tribute to the memory of the brother very precious to their friend. -----."

b2-geobtomb.jpg (42547 bytes)

George Alvin Brockway and Isadore C. Brobst had the following children:

I. LULA8 . She married VERNON KERN .

ii. JUDSON .

iii. FRANK . He married STELLA SNYDER .

iv. WILLARD . He married LENA SABIN .

v. JAY . He married SUSAN LARSEN .

vi. CHESTER . He married EDNA HARDMAN .

vii. NELLIE was born Conesville, IA August 16, 1872. Nellie died February 2. 1939 Conesville, IA, at 66 years of age. She married GEORGE L. MOORE January 10, 1894. George was born Frankville, IA August 31, 1864. George died December 27, 1941 Muscatine, IA, at 77 years of age.

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