The Family Journal of

The Brockways of Eastern Iowa

Descendants of William Brockway

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Generations 1-5
The 17th and 18th Centuries
In 1659, William Brockway's son, Wolston, emigrates from England to the American Colonies, settling in Lyme, Connecticut, on the shores of the Long Island Sound. Our ancestors farm and start businesses there, and move on to Fulton County in central New York. Brockways of this era serve in the Revolutionary War, and in the War of 1812.
Generations 6
Early 19th Century
In the 1820s, our ancestors move to the Western Pennsylvania wilderness, working in the lumber trade, and settle what becomes the town of Brockway, in Jefferson County, PA.  Brockways keep moving west -- to Illinois, to the new Wisconsin Territory, and, in 1842, become the first permanent settlers in Orono Twp., Muscatine Co., Iowa.
Generations 7
Later 19th Century
One Brockway brother goes into the lumber business in Wisconsin, while the others farm and settle in the Iowa territory, and see it become a state in 1848. They serve in the Union Army during the Civil War.
Generations 8-11
To the present
The Iowa Brockways get into the trucking business, and one serves in the Iowa State Assembly, where the "Balkema-Brockway" Bill creates the modern Iowa highway system. Later generations are active in state and local associations, in community affairs, and in business.


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