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The Horton Family of Iowa: Part I

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First Generation

1. WILLIAM1 HORTON was born in Firt House, Halifax, England Abt 1550.  His father was Robert de Horton.   William died Abt 1640.

He married ELIZABETH HANSON abt 1571 in Toothill, Lincoln, England.  Her father was Thomas Hanson, Esq.

William Horton and Elizabeth Hanson had the following children:

2  i.  JOSEPH was born abt 1572.  
   ii.  WILLIAM II2 was born abt 1576. 

  iii.  JOSHUA {Esq.} was born abt 1577.  He married Martha Binns.

iv.   THOMAS was abt 1579.  He married Francis Throppe.

  v.   SARAH was born abt 1581.  She married John Giedhill.

vi.   Elizabeth was born abt 1583. 


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Second Generation

2. JOSEPH2 HORTON (William1) was born in Firth House Burksland, Halifax, England 1572.   Joseph died 1640 Springfield, Hampton Co., MA, at 62 years of age.

He married MARY SCHUYLER in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England, Abt 1599. Mary was born Mowsley, Leicestershire, England Abt 1578.

Joseph Horton and Mary Schuyler had the following children:

3 i. BARNABAS3 was born abt 1600.

4 ii. THOMAS was born abt 1602.  He married Mary Eddy.

iii. JEREMIAH was born abt 1604.  He married Mary - - - .

Third Generation

3. BARNABAS3 HORTON (Joseph2, William1) was born Mowsley, Leicestershire, England abt 1600. Barnabas

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World Map - 1680

died July 13, 1680 Southold, Suffolk Co., NY, at 80 years of age.

He married twice. He married ANN STANTON SMITH England, Abt 1622. She died within a few years.

Ann was born in Stanion of Northamptonshire, England Abt 1602.

He married MARY LANGDON England, ABT 1632.

Barnabas immigrated, ABT 1635. Destination: Hampton, MA. "He emigrated to America in the ship 'The Swallow', Captain Jeremy Horton, master and owner, in 1635 to 1638, landed at Hampton, Mass., where he owned a plot of ground. He came to New Haven, 1640, with his wife, Mary, and two children, Joseph and Benjamin. He settled permanently on the east end of Long Island, now Southold, Suffolk County, NY in October, 1640." ("The Hortons in America").

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Long Island, NY: 17th Century Map

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Satellite View of Long Island, NY

Barnabas was one of the 13 founding members of Southold, Long Island. "In 1640 a small band of Puritans who just a few years before had crossed theAtlantic from many parts of England in search of religious freedom and a better life, became dissatisfied with conditions in New England and secured for themselves a parcel of land across the waters of the Sound on which to organize their church. Led by their pastor, the Rev. John Youngs, this group of 13 Englishmen with their families gathered up their cattle and a few possessions and set out by sloop or oared barge from New Haven. They crossed Long Island Sound, sailed up Peconic Bay and came ashore at Founder's Landing, and there, in what is today the Village of Southold, established the first permanent settlement in New York State." (From the website - The History of Greensport)

 Barnabas was the only one of the first settlers who had not followed Rev. Youngs from England. He may have met up with their party in New Haven, CT. In addition to Rev. Youngs and Barnabas, the other original settlers were Wm. Wells Esq., Wm. Hallock, John Tuthill, Richard Terry, Thomas Mapes, Matthias Corwin, Robt. Ackerty, Jacob Corey, John Conklin, Isaac Arnold and John Budd.

Several times he served as a member of the General Court of New Haven and Hartford, under whose jurisdiction Southold came at that time.

Barnabas Horton and Ann Stanton Smith had the following children:

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When it was torn down in the 1870's by a Horton
descendant, Barnabas Horton's home was then
the oldest standing house in America.

i. JOSEPH4 was born England 1625. He married JANE BUDD . Jane was the daughter of John Budd .

ii. BENJAMIN was born England 1627. He married ANNA BUDD .

Barnabas Horton and Mary Langdon had the following children:

iii. CALEB was born 1640. He married ABIGAIL HALLOCK .

iv. HANNAH was born After 1640. She married Barnabas TERRILL .

v. SARAH was born After 1640. She married JOSEPH CONKLIN .

vi. MARY was born After 1640. She married JOSEPH BUDD . Joseph was the son of John Budd I.

vii. MERCY was born After 1640. She married CHRISTOPHER YOUNGS, the youngest child of Rev.
Youngs (above) and his 2nd wife Mary.

viii. ABIGAIL was born After 1640. She married CHARLES BOOTH .

ix. JOSHUA was born Southold, NY 1643. He married MARY TUTHILL .

5 x. CAPTAIN JONATHAN was born 1648.

4. THOMAS3 HORTON (Joseph2, William1) was born Mowsley, Leicestershire, England 1602. Thomas died 1641 Springfield, Hampton Co., MA, at 39 years of age.

He married MARY EDDY Middlesex, MA. Mary was born Nayland, Suffolk Co., MA. Mary died September 19, 1683 Springfield, Hampton Co., MA.

Thomas Horton and Mary Eddy had the following children:

i. MARY4 was born Abt 1629.

ii. JEREMIAH was born 1636.

iii. THOMAS was born Springfield, Hampton Co., MA 1638. Thomas died Abt 1693.

iv. JOHN was born 1640.

Fourth Generation

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Earliest Colonial (Boston) Newspaper - 1690

5. CAPTAIN JONATHAN4 HORTON (Barnabas3, Joseph2, William1) was born Southold, Suffolk County, NY 1648.

Jonathan died February 23, 1707 Southold, Suffolk Co., NY, at 58 years of age.

He married BERTHIA WELLS Suffolk, NY, 1672. Berthia was born Abt 1650. Berthia was the daughter of William Wells Esquire. Berthia died April 14, 1733 at 82 years of age.

"Jonathan, youngest son of Barnabas Horton, resided with his father and inherited the homestead. He was the 1st Captain of the first company of cavalry ever organized in Suffolk County, L.I., NY and his brother Joshua was 1st Lieutenant of the same company. He and his wife were worthy members of the Southold Church and highly esteemed in all relations which they sustained. For further particulars see Moore's Indexes of Southold", No. 348 page 90." ("The Hortons in America").

Captain Jonathan Horton and Berthia Wells had the following children:

i. BERTHIA5 was born Southold, NY 1674.

ii. Barnabas was born Southold, NY 1675. He married ELIZABETH BURNETTE .

iii. WILLIAM was born Southold, NY 1677. He married CHRISTIANA YOUNGS .

iv. MEHETABEL was born Southold, NY February 17, 1679. Mehetabel died September 7, 1757 at 78 years of age. She married twice. She married PETER BRADLEY . She married DANIEL TUTHILL Deacon.

v. ABIGAIL was born Southold, NY 1681. She married twice. She married ---- LYON . She married DAVID BREWSTER . She later resided in Orange Co., NY.

vi. JONATHAN was born Southold, NY December 23, 1683. Jonathan died April 2, 1768 at 84 years of age. He married MARY TUTHILL .

vii. MARY was born Southold, NY 1687. She married DAVID HORTON .

viii. CALEB was born Southold, NY 1690. He married MARY GOLDSMITH .

ix. PATIENCE was born Southold, NY 1692. "Died Unmarried".

6 x. DEACON JAMES was born 1694.

Fifth Generation

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The New England Colonies - 1684

6. DEACON JAMES5 HORTON (Captain Jonathan4, Barnabas3, Joseph2, William1) was born Southold, Suffolk County, NY 1694. James died May 16, 1762 Southold, NY, at 67 years of age. His body was interred 1762 Southold, NY, Southold Cemetery.

He married ANNA GOLDSMITH Southold, Suffolk county, NY, 1717. Anna was born Southold, Suffolk county, NY 1698. Anna died March 8, 1783 Southold, NY, at 84 years of age. Her body was interred 1783 Southold, NY, Southold Cemetery.

'He was an office bearer in the church at Southold from his majority to the close of his life - a strong pillar of the church, eminent for his piety and sound Christian character. He was universally known as 'Dea. James' and greatly respected". ("The Hortons in America").


Deacon James Horton and Anna Goldsmith had the following children:

i. ABIGAIL6 . She married twice. She 1st married - - - - PIERSON and later WILLIAM JACKSON .

ii. ANNA . She married JOSEPH TERRY .

iii. THOMAS . He married SUSAN CONKLIN .

iv. BETHIA .

v. JAMES was born Southold, NY 1723. He died June 5, 1803.

vi. Barnabas was born Southold, NY 1720. He married SUSAN BAILEY .

vii. SILAS was born Southold, NY December 25, 1730. He married MARY BULL .

viii. EZRA was born Southold, NY December 25, 1733. He married MARY HEMPSTEAD .

7 ix. JONATHAN was born 1718.

Sixth Generation

nypound1758.gif (23939 bytes)
Ten Pound NY Banknote - 1758

7. JONATHAN6 HORTON (Deacon James5, Captain Jonathan4, Barnabas3, Joseph2, William1) was born Southold, Suffolk County, NY 1718. 

He married MARY BUDD on December 18, 1739.

Jonathan Horton and Mary Budd had the following child:

8 i. DEACON JOHN BUDD7 was born August 19, 1762.

Seventh Generation

8. DEACON JOHN BUDD7 HORTON (Jonathan6, Deacon James5, Captain Jonathan4, Barnabas3, Joseph2, William1) was born Goshen, NY August 19, 1762. John died January 22, 1841 at 78 years of age.

He married HANNAH WEBB Goshen, NY, December 16, 1796. They married in the First Presbyterian Church. Hannah died January 22, 1835.

"They were pious people, much esteemed by those who knew them. He was for many years a respected Deacon of the Presbyterian Church of Goshen". (The Hortons in America").

Deacon John Budd Horton and Hannah Webb had the following children:

9 i. SILAS8.

ii. ELIZABETH WEBB . "Died unmarried".

iii. SARAH ANN was born December 24, 1799.

10 iv. SPENCER was born November 12, 1801.

v. MARY was born September 5, 1803.

11 vi. DR. JAMES S. was born December 17, 1805.

vii. ABIGAIL was born November 23, 1807.

viii. SUSAN M. was born January 8, 1811.


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