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Family Journal of

The Horton Family
of Iowa

Descendants of
William Horton

Left: Civil War Soldiers' & Sailors' Monument , Des Moines, Iowa. Lt. James L. Horton was chosen to represent on the Monument the Iowa Cavalrymen who fought in the Civil War. His statue is shown to the left.

Read about the Iowa Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument

Part I: Generations 1-7 Barnabus Horton immigrates from England to America just 20 years after the landing of the Mayflower. He moves to Eastern Long Island, where the family resides for several generations.
Part II: Generations 8-9 Our branch of the Horton family moves west to Iowa, and serves with great distinction in the Union army during the Civil War. 
Part III: Generations 10-13 Modern day Hortons take up commerce. One serves in the U.S Congress, another represents the Iowa dairy industry, and another becomes a senior official in Washington. 



 Below you will find links to Articles and Stories about the

              Horton's of Eastern Iowa.


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