"Yes, go back to your home and loved ones, tell your children of the ties and comradeship that bind us together; tell   them the story of the war; see that they read aright the story of the great conflict, the great sacrifice of life and treasure, necessary to the preservation and perpetuation of the Union; but teach them no sectional bitterness; instill within their hearts no hatred or animosity toward the boys in gray, who met us in honorable warfare. Teach them that they were as brave as gallant as any men who ever drew saber or shouldered a musket. Teach them that we are one people, whose aims and interests, hopes and fears, should and must be the same. But teach them the difference between loyalty and treason; teach them that the cause for which the Union Army fought, was the cause of justice and humanity; that it was right - eternally right. That the cause of secession and disunion was the cause of oppression, and was of necessity wrong, eternally wrong. Teach your boys to love and venerate the old flag with the same sentiment, the same enthusiasm, that led you to rally to her defense. Teach them all this, and you will leave the flag, and all it represents , in the hands and to the protection of sons worthy of the sires to whose gallantry and patriotism we owe the present prosperity and grandness of this Nation."






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