Family Journal

Descendants of
Charles Cummins, D.D.


First Generation

1. CHARLES1 CUMMINS D.D. was born in Strasburg, PA on July 15, 1776.  He died January 9, 1863 at Muscatine, IA, at 86 years of age. His body was interred in January, 1863 in Greenwood Cemetery at Muscatine.  Dr. Cummins tombstone reads "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord from henceforth yea saith the Spirit that they may rest from their labours and their works do follow them."

He married three times. He married HARRIET LANE before 1812. "She had one son. After her death, her fortune was to be left to the Presbyterian missions if her son died before he was twenty-one. Alas, he fell out of a cherry tree and was killed before he was 21." (Anonymous note - possibly written by Grandmother or Aunty Bee).

He married SARAH LISLE GAMBLE in May 13, 1813. Per Grandmother Brockway's DAR application, Sarah was the 2nd wife of Rev. Charles Cummins.

Sarah Lisle Gamble (1781-1832) was born Philadelphia, PA July 13, 1781. Sarah was the daughter of Archibald Gamble and Mary Lisle.  Sarah died August 8, 1832 in Florida, NY, at 51 years of age.  Rev. Cummins married MARGARET MCCULLOB after 1832.

He graduated Princeton University and later in his career he served for a number of years as Dean of Theology at Princeton. The photograph we have of Rev. Cummins was a portrait painted by Rembrandt Peale.

The following is taken from a handwritten excerpt from what may have been his obituary or other remembrance in his honor: "He was a 'good man', full of faith and the Holy Ghost. He possessed a vigorous frame, a strong constitution, good mental powers, was a laborious and successful pastor, a practical, instructive and forcible preacher. He was, in the highest sense of the term , a 'Christian gentleman'; and to the close of his life, he never forgot the injunction, "be courteous'. He whole life is proof that God is faithful to his promises. To the last he was a living witness of the power of Christianity to make one cheerful and happy. He rests from his labors and his works do follow him."

Charles Cummins and Sarah Lisle Gamble had the following children.

1.. THOMAS ARCHIBALD Cummins. A merchant in NY and one of the original directors of Equitable Life Insurance Company of New York.

2 ii. SARAH ANN Cummins.

3 iii. MARY GAMBLE Cummins (1816-1892) was born May 11, 1816.

4 iv. JAMES STARK LANE Cummins was born July 14, 1818.

5 v. REV. JOHN LISLE  Cummins (1820-1852).



Second Generation

2. SARAH ANN2 CUMMINS (Charles1) birth date unknown.

She married JACOB BUTLER who was a lawyer.

Sarah Ann Cummins Cummins and Jacob Butler Butler had the following child:

I. Lisle Butler 3 .


3. MARY GAMBLE2 CUMMINS (Charles1) was born in Florida, Orange Co., NY on May 11, 1816. Mary died January 18, 1892 in Muscatine, IA, at 75 years of age.  Her body was interred in Greenwood Cemetery, Muscatine, IA..

She married DR. JAMES S. HORTON on  February 19, 1838. James Horton (1805-1879) was born in Hamptonburg, Orange Co., NY on December 17, 1805. James was the son of Deacon John Budd Horton (1762-1841) and Hannah Webb Webb.  James died March 21, 1879 in Muscatine, IA, at 73 years of age. His body was interred in Greenwood Cemetery, IA.

Ladies Soldiers Aid Society." ("Recollections of Bloomington in 1845").

Mary Gamble Cummins and Dr. James S. Horton had the following children:

       i. COL. CHARLES CUMMINS Horton (1839-1916)3 was born in Goshen, NY on January 13, 1839.  He died April 21, 1916 in Marshalltown, IA while serving as commandant of the Iowa Soldier's Home.  He is buried at the Greenwood Cemetery at Muscatine, IA.  Col. Horton served in the Union Army from 1861 - 1865.

     ii. LIEUTENANT JAMES Horton (1842-1864) was born in Muscatine, IA in 1842. James died July 29, 1864 at Lovejoy Station, GA, at 22 years of age. His body was interred at Muscatine, IA, Greenwood Cemetery. He served in the Union Army from 1861 - 1864.

iii. SARAH LISLE Horton  was born in 1844 and died in 1927 at 83 years of age. Her body was interred in the Muscatine, IA, Greenwood Cemetery. Our Grandmother and Aunty Bee referred to Sarah Lisle as "Aunty". She never married.

iv. EDWIN WEBB Horton was born in 1845 and died February 11, 1917 at Muscatine, IA, at 71 years of age. His  body was interred February 1917 at the Muscatine, IA, Greenwood Cemetery. He served in Company B, 44th Iowa Infantry during the Civil War. He never married.

4. JAMES STARK LANE2 CUMMINS (Charles1) was born at Florida, Orange County, NY July 14, 1818. He married KATHARINE CARMICHAEL REIGART of Lancaster County, PA, April 14, 1860.

James graduated from Princeton University in 1838.  He became a lawyer in New York, NY in 1840 and practised with the law firm of Cummins and Alexander.

James Stark Lane Cummins and Katharine Carmichael Reigart had the following child:




5. REV. JOHN LISLE2 CUMMINS (Charles1) was born in 1820 and in died 1852 at 32 years of age. His  body was interred in the Muscatine, IA, Greenwood Cemetery.

Rev. Cummins married ELIZA WATTERS.   She was born in 1825 and died 1897 at 72 years of age. Her body was also interred in the Muscatine, IA, Greenwood Cemetery.  

Rev. John Lisle Cummins graduated from Princeton University.  He was Pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Keokuk, IA. He was the "1st missionary from the Iowa City Presbytery". (Anonymous note - possibly from Grandmother or Aunty Bee).

Rev. Cummins Rev. had the following children:

i. MARK Cummins married CARRIE SEELY.

ii. JOHN CumminsPer Grandmother, John Cummins "married cousin Sue".  They lived in Goshen, NY and had  2 children, Frank Cummins and Mary Gamble Cummins.

iii. KATE Cummins. She resided in Paterson, NJ and had one child, Seeley.  Seeley resided in Warrick, NY.



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