Second Generation

2. Richard2 Wolterton (John1) was born Welbourne, Norfolk, England 1550. Richard died January, 1617/1618 Norwich, MA, at 67 years of age.

He married Mary Bensley Heigham, Norfolk, England, February 4, 1578/79.

Richard Wolterton and Mary Bensley had the following children:

child 3 i. Anne3 Wolterton.

child 4 ii. John Wolterton.

child 5 iii. Rose Wolterton.

child 6 iv. Matthew Wolterton.

child 7 v. Gregory Wolterton.

child 8 vi. Richard II Wolterton.

child 9 vii. Emme Wolterton.

child 10 viii. Elizabeth Wolterton.

child 11 ix. Sarah Wolterton was born Heigham Co., Norfolk, England October, 1582. She married Thomas Waller England. (See Thomas Waller for the continuation of this line.)

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