Second Generation

2. Dennis Harrison2 Madigan (Robert Patrick1) was born Omaha, Nebraska July 14, 1942.

He married Judith Ann (Judy) Brockway February 11, 1967. Judith was born Des Moines, IA October 19, 1942. Judith is the daughter of John Horton Brockway and Mary Louise Hayworth.

Dennis graduated Omaha, NE, 1964. Institution: University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Dennis Harrison Madigan and Judith Ann (Judy) Brockway had the following children:

child 3 i. David Merle3 Madigan was born Chicago, IL November 13, 1967. David graduated Lincoln, Nebraska, 1992. Institution: University of Nebraska.

child 4 ii. Mary Lisa Madigan was born in So. Acton, MA December 27, 1968. She married Loel Schettler Columbus, Nebraska, June 25, 1992. Loel was born Columbus, Nebraska June 25, 1968. (See Loel Schettler for the continuation of this line.)

Mary graduated Lincoln, NE, 1992. Institution: University of Nebraska.

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