Banner Journal December 5, 1928



Among the priceless relics owned by Ada Brockway Cooper, of Eau Claire, is a side saddle given by U.S. Grant, of civil war fame, to E.L. Brockway, one of the prominent lumbermen on Black River in the early days of the lumbering industry.


ln the days before the civil war, Grant & Dent were catering to the lumber trade, having a big supply house at Galena, Ill., and dealing in leather and mill supplies. Mr. Brockway became a fast friend of Grant, and they were both great horsemen and took unusual pride in saddle horses, which in that day were the up-to-date method of transportation on the frontier.


The saddle above referred to was given as a present with the compliments of Grant, for the use and benefit of Mrs. Brockway who, in the early days, was a noted equestrienne, and the saddle was the envy of many of the ladies hereabouts. It must have been a beautiful specimen of saddlery judging from its appearance now, three-quarters of a century later, and without the best care, as the etchings on the skirts of the saddle still show the artistic workmanship.



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