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Alger, Armstrong, Briggs, Brockway, Brown, Buckelieu, Bucklew, Budd, Butler, Caldwell, Cummins, Darrow, Donnavan, Ferry, Gamble, Gelatt, Goff, Grove, Hayworth, Hazlett, Holderman, Horton, King, Krausman, Lair, Letts, Lisle, Litchfield, Madigan, Maricle, Miller, Milne, Nichols, Nunemaker, O'Malley, Ogilvie, Peters, Peterson, Powers, Reed, Remley, Robinson, Sawyer, Schettler, Schmeltzer, Spragg, Tiffany, Tomfeld, Waller, Watters, Wells, Wolterton, Woodworth, Yocom